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Snowflake Background

Snowflake Background 2

This tutorial is NOT to be scripted or made into a "Quick Guide" unless it is for your own personal use. 

To do this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of PSP. If you are new to PSP, or have a problem doing this tutorial, you can find me at Raven's PSP Forum, be happy to help you out.

You also need my Puff Gradient Click here to download. Unzip the file and place it in your gradients folder.

This is an easy tutorial, I've included many screen shots to try to show each step in detail. 


Step 1

Open a new image 500 X 500
Set the background to Transparent.  

Click on your Foreground fill to open your Materials Palette.
Click on Gradient and find the gradient "mqc Puff".

Flood Fill your canvas.


Step 2

Go to Effects>Texture Effects>Fur.
Use these settings.


Step 3

Go to Effects>Distortion Effects>Polar Coordinates.
Check Polar to rectangle.



Step  4

Go to Effects>Reflection Effects>Kaleidoscope.
Use these settings.



Step 5

You can eliminate or change the color of your background. 
Go to Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Colorize.
Experiment with the settings.

That's it, you're done.:)

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Experiment, and have fun!

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Tips and Tutorials for PSP 8

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