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Lava Texture

This tutorial is NOT to be scripted or made into a "Quick Guide" unless it is for your own personal use. 

To do this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of PSP. If you are new to PSP, or have a problem doing this tutorial, you can find me at Raven's PSP Forum, be happy to help you out.

You also need Sandy Blair's Fire Filter



Open a new image 300 X 300, transparent background.
Flood Fill with #C0C0C0.



Go to Effects>Noise>Add.
Set it to 18%, Uniform



Go to Effects>Edge>Dilate.



Go to Effects>Blur>Gaussian Blur.
Set it to 3.



Go to Effects>Artistic Effects>Black Pencil.
Set it to Detail 100, Opacity 17



Go to Effects>Artistic Effects>Hot Wax Coating.




Go to Effects>Texture Effects>Polished Stone.
Use these settings. #404040.



Go to Colors> Adjust> Brightness/Contrast.
Set the Contrast to 0.
Set the Brightness to 15. 
Changing the setting on the Brightness will effect how much lava you get.
Lowering the setting will give you less lava.



Go to Colors>Colorize.
Hue 60, Saturation 115



Go to Effects>Artistic Effects>Enamel.
Use these settings. Color #323232.



Go to Effects>Plug-ins and find the Ecosse Filters.
Use False Color 3.



Go to Image>Mirror.
Go to Effects>Blur>Motion Blur.
Set it to Direction 315, Intensity 4.

That's it, you're done.:)



If you have Eye Candy, you can add some fire and smoke, too.
If you don't have Eye Candy, you can find a Fire Tube at Jasc.
Download the Halloween Tubes.



Experiment, and have fun!

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