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Mud  Texture

This tutorial is NOT to be scripted or made into a "Quick Guide" unless it is for your own personal use. 

To do this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of PSP. If you are new to PSP, or have a problem doing this tutorial, you can find me at Raven's PSP forum, be happy to help you out.



Open a new image 300 X 300, transparent background.
Flood Fill with #C0C0C0.



Go to Effects>Texture Effects>Fine Leather.
Use these settings. Color #DCDCDC.



Set your Foreground color to White.
Go to Effects>Artistic Effects>Hot Wax Coating.



Go to Effects>Texture Effects>Soft Plastic.
Use these Settings. Color #C5C5C5.



Go to Effects>Texture Effects>Polished Stone.
Use these Settings. Color #373737.



Go to Colors>Colorize.
Hue 13  Saturation 61



Go to Effects>Noise>Despeckle.



Go to Effects>Blur>Gaussian Blur.
Use a setting of less than 1.. here I used .5

That's it, you're done.:)



Experiment, and have fun!

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Tips and Tutorials for PSP 7

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